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Do you like jazz and swing music? Do you enjoy dancing? Then you've come to the right place.

Aarhus Lindy Hoppers is an association and vibrant community for all those who like swing dancing. Everybody is welcome!

What is Lindy Hop? 
Lindy hop is a swing dance which started in the 1920's in Harlem New York. The dance evolved around the jazz music played by bands like Count Basie and Ella Fitzgerald and it is a fusion of many other dances such as Charleston. Lindy hop had its golden era in the 1930's and 1940's and today there are thriving lindy hop communities in most part of the world -in Aarhus too!

Our main focus is lindy hop, but we also like authentic jazz, shag, balboa - basically everything that evolved around the 1920's and 30's.

Want to try Lindy Hop? Join us at Swingin' Thursday - 30min free introduction to lindy hop. We do not offer free try-out classes.

Aarhus Lindy Hoppers organises classes on two levels, social dancing events during the week as well as workshops. Each semester we organise Beginner's Workshop, where new dancers get to learn all the basic step necessary to join our Basic Level. 
We are a non-profit organisation that is based on the work of volunteers. Profit from classes, workshops etc. is used to pay for live bands, parties, venues, and workshop instructors.

Visit our webpage to get more information about classes, Beginners Workshop, Swingin' Thursday and to sign up for our newsletter. You can also find us on facebook. 


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Mailadresse: aarhuslindyhoppers@gmail.com

Kontaktperson: Sofie Volder-Dyrvig





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